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      Shania Twain Occupation: Musician Date of Birth: August 28, 1965 Place of Birth: Windsor, Ontario, Canada Marital Status: Married (Robert "Mutt" Lang)

Born August 28, 1965, a fact unbelievable to many, Shania Twain has led the charge of country singers who've been able to cross over into the pop charts as well. Shania's birth name was Eilleen Regina Edwards but she later changed it largely in part because of her stepfather, who was a Ojibway Indian, and the name "Shania" meant "on my way". Unfortunately, Shania's real father, Clarence Edwards, was on his way out when Shania was just a few years old, having left his wife and Shania's mother, Sharon. Shania has never forgiven her real father even after her mother and stepfather were tragically killed in an auto accident in 1987. When Shania became famous she made it a point to tell her father 'Don't call me, don't contact me. I want nothing to do with you ever again'. While her father was devastated by the letter, he further was grieved when Shania appeared on Oprah and told Oprah in fact her dad was a Ojibway Indian. Her father was watching the program in a bar with friends and began crying after being slighted by his daughter. Her spokeman has said of the bitter situation: "Her father walked out on her. As far as she's concerned her real father was an Ojibway Indian." Life was difficult for Shania after the shocking death of her parents, having Shania left to care for her 3 younger siblings. Shania landed a job at Ontario's Deerhurst Resort, which taught her a lot about the entire business of entertainment. When Shania arrived there, she was very green in the business, fortunately she was lavished by a much older businessman, John Kotowski, who spent a great deal of money molding the young star. She had bad teeth which Kotowski paid to get fixed and the other girls in the resort taught her how to move on-stage, how to wear her hair, and how to dress. Apparently though she may need more dressing lessons, as a recent People magazine issue slammed Shania by saying her look verged on 'Barbie Doll' and that 'she needs a total makeover'. The people at the resort soon knew that Shania wielded a lot of power and could get people hired and fired there, so many were frightened of her. To this day, Kotowski still refers to Shania as 'my girl' although he's disappointed that she has never called or met with him since leaving the resort. His marriage with his then and current wife though did survive, though she suspects her husband was cheating on him with Shania, he says he thought of her as a daughter though.

Shania Twain met with a distant admirer at the time, Robert "Mutt" Lang in 1993 and soon after, the two were writing music and getting married. The loser in this situation was Shania's longtime love Paul Bolduc, whom Shania left to follow her dream of becoming a music star. She soon lived out her dream as The Woman In Me and her follow up Come On Over, were the first back to back 10 million plus selling albums for a female artist. While stodgy country folk recoil at some of her hits being called country, she has managed to stay atop the charts in both the pop and country genres. Much of this is in large part to her sexy image, one which was helped crafted by Bo and John Derek. Ask Shania if she's a beauty and she'll respond "My cheekbones are good and I have a nice smile. But I'm not one of those people who look absolutely gorgeous photographed from any angle. I can be beautiful if I have to be, but there's cellulite on my legs and they're not very long either." She was beautiful enough though to land an endorsement deal with Revlon to launch ColorStay Liquid Lip in 1999.

Shania's good looks and fame have not come without stabs from others though. Besides the People Magazine dissing, she insulted a major clothing designer by cutting a hole in a dress he designed for her in an awards show in 1999. Also, Shania was incensed during a recent taping of a concert which featured her and The Backstreet Boys, who's female fan base overpowered Shania with annoying shrieks and a crowd holding up 'I Love You BSB' signs and then dispersed when the Boys left the set. Needless to say, she won't be doing too many specials with BSB in the future. Shania also seems to have devastated Judy Demers, who married Shania's ex after she left him in 1993, Paul Bolduc. Apparently Shania returned to reclaim her prize and has left Judy and her two children in the dust. Judy is said to feel totally betrayed by both her husband and Shania, whom she says she was close to both, of course now she hates Shania passionately, especially since she openly stole Paul right in front of her face, having her leave Shania's campsite in tears as Shania and Paul reportedly laid it on thick. Apparently Shania's romance with Mutt Lang is all but dead according to a recent story in the National Enquirer. Shania has agreed to pay for the completion of Demers and Bolduc's home, which will be given to Demers as part of the settlement, sources say.

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