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      As a real estate marketing strategy, every realtor knows if they follow-up and stay in touch with prospects they could double or triple their sales. Many of the people who are "just thinking about it" will buy or sell their house within a year.

      The problem is time. Who has the time to keep in touch with hundreds of "maybe" prospects for months at a time?

      This is where the Internet can help out. With a properly designed autoresponder system you can stay in touch with hundreds and thousands of people with no effort on your part.

      When the client is ready, they will call you. Or, you can schedule a phone call periodically while your system has kept you in touch "regularly".

      It gets even more exciting when you can add unlimited prospects to your "keeping in touch list" through a simple, efficient advertising system on the Internet...No effort on your part (beyond placing the ad) and qualified prospects will be calling you "out of the blue".

      You can learn how to set up a system for generating unlimited qualified prospects through our email-based course for realtors. It is free of charge. Just sign up below:

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      The no.1 time wasters in real estate marketing are unqualified prospects! Send your prospects to this site BEFORE you spend time with a client.

      If you strive to be a high producing realtor, stop wasting time with people who can't qualify for the properties they want you to show them! This site gives you/your prospect the banker's point of view of how much of a mortgage will actually be approved, whether or not their credit is good enough, or if they have enough downpayment.

      Real estate marketing is more than getting in the car and showing people around. You want to deal with pre-qualified prospects only!

      There is no such thing as a pre-approval anymore! The closing rate for pre-approvals was less than 1%, so all banks have stopped giving real pre-approvals. This is contrary to information the banks are giving to realtors. Some banks may take a quick look to see if the application makes sense, but most will simply approve a rate-hold and send out a "pre-approval" with lots of conditions on it to protect themselves.

      Most banks don't even pull a credit bureau report before they issue their "pre-approval". This may be fine for the banker, but it really adds to the time a realtor needs to spend in their real estate marketing efforts because he/she ends up dealing with people who don't qualify for what they want to buy.

      For a better "pre-approval", go to the Pre-Approvals page and the Credit Problems page to figure out what your prospect can afford. Realtors should find the category / issues your client faces and use the guidelines to input the numbers into the Canadian mortgage calculators.       The banks aren't putting any brainpower into the pre-approvals any more, so if you want a reliable analysis, you have to do it yourself...or better yet, let your clients qualify themselves on this site!

      Some experienced mortgage brokers will still take the time to do a proper evaluation of the applicant on the request of a realtor. If you are dealing with issues you are not sure about, get a FREE opinion from a mortgage broker. This will be easier and better than doing the pre-qualification yourself and the broker can lock in the lowest mortgage rate in Canada at the same time.

Qualified Leads
For Realtors

      This website is being marketed aggressively on the Internet and we would like to invite you to come along for the ride for FREE!

      Real estate and mortgages go hand in hand so we are looking for experienced realtors to partner with us in every region. Our goal is to attract people who are actively looking at buying a property. When people go on the Internet to look at properties, they want to collect as much information as possible before they see a realtor.

      Our "Local Resources" page is designed to deliver valuable information to these "web-surfers". If you write a useful article that we include on this site, chances are that the prospect will give you an opportunity to earn their business.

Attract Top Prospects

      People who do their research on the Internet are usually well educated, often they are professionals or successful business people. In order to attract high quality prospects this site is dedicated to providing high quality information.

      People who visit this site will be pretty sure of qualifying by the time they are ready to contact a realtor. If your picture is in front of them with a strong article backing up your image, you stand a good chance of getting an inquiry.

The Secret To Success

      If you can write a solid, informative article that would fulfill a need for YOUR prospects, you can expect some good leads from this website.

      We will feature your article under the title "Top Recommended Realtors In (your city/town)". When prospects click on the link to the article your web page will come up, giving you a chance to turn them into clients.

      If you have not been successful in converting website lookers into closed deals, let us know. We will help you design a website that works.

      Your website will also be featured beside your picture near the article. You can feature as many articles as you want. Your goal would be to offer the type of information that gets their attention. Our goal is to get them to the page where you are featured. Your article will pull them to your site.

      In exchange for the FREE advertising, we ask that you put a link from your website to ours.

      As you read through this site you will realize that we are offering practical insight on how the banking system actually works. Links are provided for the theory that you can already find on other sites.

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Willing To Buy Clients?

      If you don't have a website, or if your site is not your major source of qualified leads, you are missing the boat. The following will help you set up an effective website:


Design your own site

For the price of web-hosting, this company gives you all the tools you need, plus the hosting. You don't need any technical knowledge. All you do is supply your expertise in the form of information and they will do all the work to get you on the search engines to bring you qualifed traffic. This site is built using their system and it consistently ranks in the top 3-4% of all the sites on the Internet.

      This is the easiest and mosts inexpensive method we have found to develop a business on a solid footing. You can see how others have achieved good results here. 2. Hire an SBI webmaster to design a website using the above system. Qualified webmasters will take your thoughts and design a powerful site.

Resources For Realtors

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      Now you can learn the "secrets" of the Master Marketers for free with over 170 hours of audio seminars. This collection is provided by a company called Executive Audio Institure and is updated regularly, so check back often: Marketing Seminars.