Now you can get

Unlimited leads from the Internet 


Get Buyers…

Who have already picked out

The house they want to buy.


Get Sellers…

Who have decided to sell

And know what a realistic selling price is. 


Hot Prospects…

Who already know you and are

Eager to do business with you…

Even though you’ve never met them


With no effort on your part

Other than setting up the system: 

  • You will have an abundance of qualified leads on a regular basis. 
  • You will no longer have to work hard to get listings or sales. 
  • Just put the system in place and it will start to produce results, almost immediately. 
  • Apply the program for a year and implement the other marketing programs included in the package, and you will be a top producer in your region while working fewer hours. 
  • Qualified prospects will come to you without you having to do anything (after setting up the system).  
  • You will have the time and money to live the life you have always wanted. 
  • Your peers will respect you and
  • Your clients will love to deal with you because you take care of them so well. 



Start getting new prospects within minutes! 


      Millions of people are using the Internet every day.  Many of those people are using Google and other search engines to find information about real estate in your area.  By using well known, reliable methods, you can start getting people to your website quickly…often within minutes. 


      This Internet based system provides all the tools and knowledge you need to get started right away.  Step-by-step instructions to launch inexpensive promotions will drive tons of highly qualified prospects in your direction.   


      (What’s that?  You don’t have a website?  No problem!  This system works even if you don’t have a website of your own.) 


      You can easily add this system to your site or you can base your promotions from our domain…FREE of charge!



Easy, plug-in-profit module

Gets you off to a fast start! 


      When people get to your message, a special-purpose web page will invite people to make inquiries about: 

·        How to prepare their house for a sale 

·        Free market value evaluation to sell their home

·        Matching listing notifications to the criteria they have for purchasing a home.

·        Searching all local listings for purchasing an “ideal” home

·        What’s my neighbour’s house selling for?  (Maybe they are wondering how much their own house is worth if they sell it)

·        Free Status reports on listings they are thinking about before they make an offer.   

·        Quick feedback question via phone – message will be sent directly to your cell phone.

·        Quick feedback question via email – message can go to your computer or to your cell phone. 

You can get qualified inquiries like these every day!


Click here to view the specially designed page you will get with the “System”


This plug-in module is ready to go.  You will be able to download the page and use it within minutes after you order the program. 


If you have your own site, you will save time and money because you won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to have this page made. 


It is easy to implement on your site because you don’t have to change anything other than the email address where you would receive your leads. 


You can also simply run your promotions from our domain for FREE.  A simple email will get you started quickly.  You may want to do this regardless of whether or not you have your own website.  If we do everything, you will be able to start getting leads ASAP! 



In your target market   


To increase recognition of your name, as an option, we highly recommend you include a picture, testimonials from happy clients and sales awards.  All you have to do is send in the information and we will set you up for FREE.  As another option, you can also add in a voice message for a small fee. 


The Internet is a highly personal medium.  You can speak directly with a prospect through words, pictures and sound, in the comfort of their own home.  A personal message from you on the Internet will: 

·        Establish a personal one-on-one relationship with your prospect.

·        Since you reach a large number of people you will have a good reputation in the community. 

·        You can imprint your name and picture in the minds of potential clients. 

·        Achieve top of mind awareness when people are looking for a realtor. 

·        People will start feeling comfortable with you even before you meet them. 

·        Close more deals because people “know” you already.

·        A personal voice message (for an extra fee) will increase the response you get from your web-page. 


Quickly and Easily Cut Your Workload By 67% (or more) and Convert 152% (or more) Visitors into Sales! 

  • Cultivate relationships with people you have never met, without ever meeting them until they are ready to do business with you.
  • Get people used to you even before you meet them.
  • Establish credibility without spending any time doing so.
  • Put your prospecting and qualifying on automatic.
  • Deal with people only after they are already sold on doing business with you.
  • Show up to “just to close the deal”.
  • You’ll never have to deal with time wasters. 
  • You’ll be able spend time with family and friends unless you are busy making money…you won’t just be spinning your wheels!
  • Relax and read a good book instead of working all the time.
  • Enjoy cooking / eating out more often. 
  • Golf, swim, hike, run…more often. 
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Educate prospects without spending any time at it.
  • Create customers while you are out enjoying yourself.


Fact: A recent study conducted by Sales and Marketing Executives International concluded that 81% of major sales are closed after the fifth contact.

You already know this…

            If you keep in touch with people who make an initial inquiry, your chances of getting their business dramatically increase.  Given this, why don’t you keep in touch with each and every person who you have been in touch with about a potential sale or listing? 

Do you lose touch with prospects because… 

·        It takes too long?

·        It’s hard to track who received which message. 

·        I hate typing all those letters. 

·        If they are interested they’ll order on the first message. 

·        It costs too much.

It’s easy to maintain “personal” contact… 

With the help of computerized, “autoresponders”, you can follow up with individuals with pre-written messages at pre-set times automatically!  You don’t have to spend yor time do any of these things.  The computer does it all for you, for FREE. 

Eliminate the reasons why prospects don’t do business with the agent they first contacted… 

Fact: 80% of people who inquire about a product or service will buy it within one year of their initial inquiry. However, more than 90% of the time, they don’t buy from the same company that they made their initial contact with.

            According to a recent survey here are the most common reasons people don’t do business with the agent they initially contacted:

·        Lack of time

·        Lost our information

·        Travelling

·        Illness

·        Not ready yet

            You can use the PRE-LOADED messages in our FREE autoresponder to stay in touch with people who just came by to look at your web page.  Since you have been in regular contact with your prospects through email you will definitely be high on the list when they get serious about looking for a realtor. 

            Here is a letter that was sent to AWeber, an autoresponder supplier, from the president of Foreclosure World:  

Dear friend :
The power of repetitive letters to the same prospect is staggering. Since we started using Aweber’s system, a simple sequence of messages has been generating $10,000 to $15,000 more revenue every week. 


And believe me, it wasn’t always like this.

For three years, we made our pithc the “old way”.  When a prospect called, we’d have a two minute phone conversation.  If we sold them, great.  If not, that was it. 

If you were in my shoes (knowing what you and I both know now), it would numb you to realize how many sales had slipped through your fingers…sales that you could have closed.  If only we had known about the power of repetitive letters.  Don’t make the same mistake. 


Today, thanks to Aweber, I’m building a relationship with my prospects in a way that I never could on a two minute phone call.  By the time our prospects have heard from us six or seven times, they feel as I they know me, and that’s often when they call back. 

(To be more accurate, I’m not doing anything; A Weber’s system is doing it all for me). 

Our results are so positive tht we’re going to do the same thing with our offline prospects.  Thoug we’ll have to pay for postage, printing, and the like, Aweber’s system has proven that the increase in profits will far outweigh these costs. 

I don’t know what you sell, but when you think about the profit you make on just one order, imagine the extra profits you’llmake with several extra orders each month.  Or several hundred.  Or several thosand. 

Compared to that, Aweber’s ststem is pratically free.  It’s so easy to use, so reliable, and so well designed, we still laugh at how little it costs.  How else can yo produce $10,000+ or extra revenue for just $15 [now, $19.95] a month? 

And since it’s all online, there are no other costs.  No printing.  No postage.  No envelopes.  No labour.  In my eleven years in business, the Aweber system has got to be the best value I’ve come across. 


Bill Steiger, President Foreclosureworld. 



You can now have control

over your financial destiny…. 

With this system 


Never be short on cash again,

Close several deals every month,

From an endless supply of qualified leads 

·        You can completely control how many people see your web-ad on a monthly basis. 

·        With some experience you will know how many of those visitors are willing to have you stay in touch with them (all done automatically, without your involvement after the initial setup). 

·        Over the span of a few months you will see a pattern emerge.  Of the people you are (automatically) keeping in touch with, a certain number will approach you to seriously discuss hiring you to buy or sell their home.  

·        From these, you will close some deals. 

·        If you are not closing enough deals, all you have to do is increase the number of people that come to your website. 


Sales is a numbers game… If you have enough people “in the mill”, you are bound to close a certain number of deals. 

The beauty of the system here is that after setting up the system, your involvement will be near the end of the prospecting cycle.  All the front-end “hard work” will be done automatically by the “System”. 


Here are the details of the “system”

You will only have to

present and close well qualified leads.

Everything from prospecting to

referrals will be handled by the “System”.

Anytime you want, you can

add your personal touch to improve the results.

You decide

how much time you want to put into your business.

You decide how much time you spend enjoying your life.

The “System” gives you:

·        A key word optimized, direct response website page that is strategically designed to get people to contact you for more information. 

·        All the copy, forms, design…everything will be done for you so you can instantly apply it to your site or use it on its own.  You would normally pay at least $1000+ for a page with all the copy, key word optimization and functionality we provide.

·        FREE hosting on our domain.  If you have a website you can easily plug this page into your own site.  However, you don’t need your own site for this system to work.  You can simply run your promotions under your name, from our domain.   

·        FREE Autoresponder.  You need this to automate your relationship building process.  Normally you would pay from $17 to $25 per month for this. 

·        FREE Google Adwords advertising campaign design.  When you implement this campaign your autoresponder will load-up your system with prospects.  The system will qualify these prospects for you, over time, until they are ready to do business with you.  Companies are charging from $250 to over $5,000 for such a campaign.

·        FREE list of over 100 key words specifically geared to attract qualified prospects from the Internet.  These people will be invited to request various types of information so you can start developing a relationship with them. 

The list of key words will decrease your advertising costs while increasing the number of qualified prospects that come to your site.  Key words are used when advertising in PPC’s (Pay Per Click search engines) and Google Adwords.  Because there is strategy involved in selecting key words, a consultant would charge you at least $100 or more for EACH category. 

·        FREE ongoing training by email for one full year – easily a $250+ value. 

·        FREE technical help in implementing the website if you run the program from our domain – Your Webmaster would probably charge at least $100+ for this. 

·        FREE step by step guide to implementing this program – Valued at $50.

·         FREE personal consultation for 12 months to make sure the system works for you – You could pay as much as $5,000 or more for this level of service.  


Total value of the system:  $6,954 

Order now and

You will also get these BONUSES:


FREE BONUS #1 -- 101 Ways To Bring Traffic To Your Site

This Special  Report by Pam Renovato will show you: 

·        How to get top ranking in search engines to drive free traffic to your site. 

·        Four simple steps you can take that will drive new visitors to your site for months or even years. 

·        How to get traffic to your website yesterday. 

·        5 ways to boost your site traffic now. 

·        Are you using traffic catchers? 

·        How to use your domain name to attract visitors. 

·        Mining for gold in your web traffic logs. 

·        Sizzling traffic generators. 

·        The real secret to getting traffic. 

·        Build traffic and value through reciprocal links. 

·        How to increase traffic to your site by using webmaster tools. 

·        Generate website traffic and sales leads with offline advertising postcards. 

·        How to get guaranteed traffic. 

·        How to instantly boost traffic and sales for just pennies. 

·        Best ways to promote your website. 

·        7 steps to market your product or service. 

·        Taking the guess work out of search engines. 

·        Detailed instructions on how to maximize your profits when advertising with the Pay-Per-Click search engines. 

·        Step by step instructions on setting up joint ventures to leverage your efforts. 

·        How to use articles and “content” to drive free traffic for years, with no ongoing effort. 

·        The best ways to generate tons of referrals…and how to systematically keep generating more. 

·        How to mine the fortune that lays hidden in your client files. 

·        The secret to make any ad pay. 


FREE BONUS #2 -- Autoresponder Magic 


This e-course-in-a-book draws on the following top Internet Gurus:  Yanik Silver, Terry Dean, Ken Evoy, Dale Armin Miller, Sam Robbins, Joe Schroeder, Jim Daniels, Scott Covert, Scot Dantzer, Declan Dunn, Ken Silver, Kevin Donlin, and Jonathan Mizel. 


Each one of the contributors is a legend in the area of Internet promotion.  Using some of the most successful promotions as examples you will: 


·        Learn step-by-step how to cultivate relationships without spending any of your time.

·        See how the masters earn millions by using autoresponder messages. 

·        Use proven campaigns as templates to create your own “deal closing system”.  

·        Establish a superior marketing system. 

·        Save time by simply adapting your promotions to one of the proven successes. 

·        Save money by eliminating mistakes. 

·        Gain credibility by designing professional looking messages. 

·        Make your messages more readable. 

·        Make your messages more convincing simply with proper formatting. 

·        Learn how to move people to action. 

·        Get qualified prospects to contact you exactly when they are ready to do business with you.

·        Create messages with more impact.  

·        Close more deals. 

·        Learn how to optimize your autoresponder instead of wasting the potential of this great tool.   

·        Skyrocket your sales. 

·        Increase your return on advertising. 

·        Build lasting relationships with the touch of a button, the computer looks after the rest.   

·        Enhance your professional image. 

·        Gain credibility among your clients and peers. 

·        Manage huge numbers of prospects and clients without spending any extra time. 


FREE BONUS #3 -- Viral Marketing Secrets 


This incredible e-book will show you powerful ways of “creating a buzz” about your services.  You will learn how to really supercharge your website with very little effort on your part.  You will need to set up the system initially, but after that you don’t need to do anything.  Learn how to:


·        Create exponential growth in visitors to your site. 

·        Leverage each visitor so they send ten more. 

·        Create exponential growth in your sales with unique incentives. 

·        Create an automatic source of warm, happy referrals ;-) 

·        Gain a powerful credibility boost by having countless people refer you clients. 

·        Put your sales through the roof. 

·        Be the top realtor in your office. 


FREE BONUS #4 -- Scientific Advertising Lessons 


      This classic by Claude C. Hopkins is the basis for much of our “modern” marketing concepts.  All the modern giants of advertising still swear by Claude Hopkins' work.  David Ogilvy even claimed it changed his life. Others, such as Jay Abraham, have made their fortunes by studying Claude Hopkins, reading his books over and over again and applying his principles wherever possible. 


If you are in the profession of marketing, advertising and sales (as a realtor, you should be if you aren’t) and Claude Hopkins material isn't on your bookshelf dog-eared, stained and well-worn, then you've been missing out on the best teacher of all time.  Here’s what you will learn: 

·         How to run risk-free guarantee offers to double or even triple your sales without worrying about product returns. 

·         How to create pre-emptive marketing campaigns that make you #1 in the market even though your product or service isn't any different than everyone else's. 

·         How to avoid wasting your money on ineffective institutional advertising.   

·         How to test advertisement headlines to maximize an ad's effectiveness to get the most sales possible.   

·         Why you should think of offering service to your customers rather than focusing on selling them in order to actually increase your sales.   

·         When to offer loss leaders as a way to increase your business just as grocery stores do.   

·         Why you should always be educating your customers about your products and services in order to make them lifetime buyers.   

·         Why and when you should dare your customers to try someone else.   

·         How to properly name your products so that customers think of you first.   

·         Why emphasizing benefits is more important than features in advertising.   

·         How to give your product a memorable "persona" to differentiate it from competitors.   

·         How to find the right psychological appeal for selling your goods.   

·         Why TESTING and measurement are the two principles every marketer should rely on to get better and better at selling their goods ... and how to do it to eliminate the uncertainty of advertising results.  

·         How to determine which new products you should create so that you don't waste your time and energies creating something customers don't want. 

·         How to establish instant credibility by communicating the reasons why you can be believed. 

·         How long you should continue running an advertising campaign

It’s Easy to get started 


            Getting started couldn’t be easier.  The cost of this powerful business-building program is just USD$397.  That includes the complete “System”, all the free services, personal support and all of the bonuses. 


            Even though the price is extremely reasonable, here’s what’s really important:  If this program was just another set of “tell you what to do” techniques without giving you EVERYTHING you need to get going right away…or, another lightweight program that just leaves you broke and frustrated, it wouldn’t matter what the price is.  It wouldn’t be worth it. 


            But if you can know with complete certainty that your Internet-assisted promotion WILL give you a steady stream of new customers… doubling or tripling your income… giving you the peace of mind that comes from having a reliable source of income… or whatever you lifestyle objective might be… and knowing you can do the same thing year after year for as long as you’re in the business, what is that actually worth to you? 


            I can’t put a dollar figure on it for you – only you can do that.  But I can tell you this:  at USD$397, this program could very possibly be the best bargain and the best investment you’ll ever make.


Order Now!

You can download everything and

start using the “system” RIGHT NOW!



The promise: 


This system will give you an abundance of qualified leads on a regular basis.  You will no longer have to scrape to get listings or sales.  Just put the system in place and it will start to produce results, almost immediately. 


Apply the program for a year and implement the other marketing programs included in the package, and you will be a top producer in your region while working fewer hours.  Qualified prospects will come to you without you having to do anything (after setting up the system).  


You will have the time and money to live the life you have always wanted.  Your peers will respect you and your clients will love to deal with you because you take care of them so well. 


      100% Risk Free Guarantee 


I’ll “sweeten the deal” even more

I invite you to put all of the risk entirely on me 


      Now, if you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you.  You see, I completely guarantee that this system will build your real estate practice like nothing else you’ve ever seen. 


      You can “test drive” these proven techniques for a full 365 days.  Since the “System” is so easy to implement, there is very little for you to do to put it into action.  Use this program for one full year with no risk whatsoever.  The risk is completely mine. 


      “If you apply this program diligently for one full year and you don’t earn at least ten times the cost of this package, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked!”


      If you apply the program and it doesn’t perform every bit as well as I have promised…if you don’t produce thousands of dollars in extra pofit you never would have seen without this program…if you’re ever unhappy with the program for any reason…I will promptly write you a check refunding every cent you invested.  And all the bonuses are yours to keep. 


Your success is Completely backed

by my No-Nonsense Guarantee!


      By the way, this guarantee is in effect up unti the final minute of the final day of the 12 month guarantee period.  That’s how confident I am that this system will change forever the way you market your real estate practice, and contribute mightily to your bottom line. 


Don’t settle for less than you should be earning

Do Something about it Today 


      Now that you know what’s possible, you’ll never again have to struggle to make a decent living even though you deliver excellent service. 


      You can now get all the highly qualified clients you need to come to you… you can close far more sales without resorting to undignified high pressure tactics…you can regain control of your practice so you’re running your business rather than it running you…you can take more vacation time and have more time to spend doing the things you really enjoy. 


      In short, you can restore the joy of doing business and pay yourself handsomely all in the same bargain. 


      Don’t wait, take a minute an place your order today.  Let’s get started on making your practice a million dollar practice! 






Neeraj Varma


P.S.   Remember, I completely guarantee your success.  Which means that this innovative program really doesn’t cost you anything.  The entire fee will actually be paid back to you many times over just by applying a simple system. 


      Think of it this way, if you get just one new client using this program, you’ll have covered the entire cost of the program many times over…And if you could get one or two new clients a month?  The return on investment is enormous!


      You and I both know you do an excellent job of providing your service.  Isn’t it time you started making what you’re truly worth?


Order now in complete confidence!

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