Mortgage Calculators

      Canadian Mortgage Calculators give you the proper calculation for a mortgage in Canada. Most of the mortgage sites on the Internet deal with an American mortgage. American mortgage interest and payments are calculated differently from a Canadian mortgage. If you live in Canada you must use Canadian mortgage calculators. However, it doesn't end there...

      If you are trying to figure out if you can afford the house of your dreams, you must input the right numbers into Mortgage Calculators.

      It's not as simple as it looks! A lender interprets your income and expenses in ways you may not consider. To really know which numbers a bank will use to qualify you for a mortgage a mortgage broker is your best bet, however, the following calculators will give you a good starting point. (Please go to the Pre-Approvals page for details on what numbers a banker will use in their calculations).

      You can analyze many aspects of a property by using the correct Canadian mortgage calculators. The following mortgage calculators should answer most of your questions. If you need help or more information, please contact your mortgage broker in addition to using Canadian mortgage calculators. Be sure to read the comments in the "Help" box for accurate results.

What is the Maximum mortgage that will fit in your budget?

Which is better: Rent or Buy?

How much Time and Money will you save by paying more than the required mortgage payment?

How much of the Principal will you pay off every year? How much will you pay toward Interest?

Mortgage calculators to calculate any aspect of your mortgage

How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast!

      Buying a house can be the best investment of your life if you know how to quickly accumulate equity or pay off your mortgage in record time! Take the time to formulate an overall strategy to not only buy a house, but also to pay it off quickly.

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