The Problem With Banks

      Following is are links to Canadian Banks. Each bank has its own preferences for what type of client they are looking for. They all have different programs and lending policies. If you go shopping from one bank to another, each bank will do a credit bureau report. When bankers see that you have been to several lenders, they will assume that you are having difficulty in getting a mortgage. This can create problems for you. Follow this link for additional information on the Banks point of view.       On the other hand, a mortgage broker will run one credit bureau in the computer and send the same credit bureau electronically to as many lenders as you want. This way only one inquiry shows up on the bureau.

      Protect your credit history. Use a Mortgage Broker to do your shopping. You'll save your reputation, your time and there is no charge for the service because the bank will pay a finder's fee to the broker. In fact, the broker may even know of a lender, that you haven't thought of, who will give you the best mortgage rate in Canada.

      The best rates are not normally listed on bank sites. For the lowest mortgage rates in Canada click here. Remember, rates can vary greatly depending on the applicant, the property or the area. For details on how to position your application to your best advantage go to mortgage calculators, credit bureau and the appropriate link for the type of home type of home you are buying.

      The following links will take you to some unique information offered on Bank websites.

Alberta Treasury Branches -- How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft.

Bank of Nova Scotia -- Community Development Programs.

CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce) -- Smart Start For Kids.

-- Articles related to Financial Management.

HSBC Bank Canada -- Educational Articles related to Family and Finance.

National Bank Financial -- Weekly Economic Letter.

Royal Bank Of Canada – Tips for budgeting and borrowing.

TD Canada Trust -- In depth reports on topics of current interest.

Books Related To Banking and FInancing

Comprehensive List Of National Banks And Private Lenders

- AGF Trust Company

- Alta West Mortgage Capital Corporation

- ATB Financial

- Apex Credit Union Ltd. (ACU)

- The Associates

- B2B Trust

- Bank of Montreal

- Bridgewater Bank

- Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

- CEG Mortgage

- CIBC Mortgages Inc. (CMI)

- Canadian Home Income Plan

- Canadian Western Bank

- Canada ICI Commercial Mortgages Inc.

- Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

- Canada Life Mortgage Services Ltd.

- Canada Trustco Mortgage Company

- Canadian Mortgage Capital Corp. (CMCC)

- CanEquity Mortgage

- Capital City Savings and Credit Union Limited

- Capital Direct Lending Corp.

- Capri Mortgage Corporation

- Citi Financial

- Citizens Bank of Canada

- Clarica Life Insurance Company

- CONEXUS Credit Union

- Coast Capital Savings

- Community Trust Company Ltd.

- Co-operative Trust Company of Canada

- Co-operators Life Insurance Company

- Cove Mortgage Ltd.

- Desjardins

- Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company

- DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd.

- Effort Trust Company

- Empire Life Insurance Company

- Envision Credit Union Ltd.

- Equisure Trust Company

- Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada

- Equitable Trust Company

- First Calgary Savings

- First Circle Financial

- First Marathon Mortgage Corporation

- First National Financial Corporation

- FirstLine Mortgages

- FirstOntario Credit Union Limited

- Gibraltar Mortgage

- GMAC Commercial Mortgage

- Great-West Life Assurance Company

- Household Financial Corporation of Canada

- Home Trust Company

- HSBC Bank Canada

- ICI Mortgages Managers Inc

- ING Direct

- Intel Financial Inc.

- IntesaBci Canada

- La Capitale Group Financier Inc.

- Laurentian Bank of Canada

- League Savings and Mortgage Company

- London Life Insurance Company

- M.R.S. Trust Company (MRS Trust)

- MCAP Mortgage Corporation

- Mackenzie Financial Corporation

- Manulife Financial

- Maple Trust Company

- National Bank of Canada

- Pafco Insurance Company

- Peace Hills Trust Company

- Peoples Trust Company

- Prospera Credit Union

- ResMor Capital Corp.

- Scotiabank

- Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

- Sun Life Financial Trust Inc.

- Surrey Metro Savings

- TD Canada Trust

- Unisource Mortgage Corporation

- Vancouver City Savings Credit Union

- Wells Fargo Bank

- Xceed Mortgage Corporation

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Books Related To Banking And Financing